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Group classes: indoor and outdoor

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
5.45 am Cardio Box   HIIT   30/30  
7.30 am         Pump it Out  
9 am         BLT
(Butt legs Thighs)
9.30 am Baby Boot Camp 30/30 Baby Boot Camp HIIT Baby Boot Camp  
10 am   Golden Girls
(60+) (45min)
  Golden Girls
(60+) (45min)
12 pm   Burst (45min)   Burst (45min)    
6 pm Pump it Out XFIT WOW Pump it Out HIIT    
All group classes run for 1 hour in duration. These classes run in conjunction with our usual timetable.
Prices for group training:
1 class per week $20 - 2 classes per week $35 - 3 classes per week $45 - unlimited training per week $60
*The above prices do not include Baby Boot Camp.

Cardio Box – Fun Boxing drills combined with some running and skipping aimed to improve your cardiovascular endurance out of sight

HIIT - (High Intensity Interval Training) Heart rate up, heart rate down. Let's burn some calories. HIIT is super effective because you are able to increase both your aerobic and anaerobic endurance while burning more fat than ever before.

Pump it Out – Turn up and expect the unexpected. These classes can involve anything ranging from boxing, weights, kettlebells, abs, bodyweighted exercises, suspension training, running and partner drills.

XFIT WOW - XFIT WOW is a conditioning program that uses training methods derived from gymnastics, weightlifting, power lifting, running, kettlebells, medicine balls, rowing and many other sporting disciplines. We have selected our favourite crossfit drills and we will present one each week that is sure to challenge your strength and condition your body in no time.

30/30 - We start the class with 30 minutes of body sculpting using free weights (bodyweight, dummbells and barbells) focusing on higher repetitions. The final 30 minutes of the class is devoted to cardio. A perfect full body workout.

Baby Boot Camp - Postnatal fitness classes for mums and bubs are designed to help mums get fit at a time in their life when they need it the most; under careful supervision by MissFit's female personal trainers. Courses start every 6 weeks and we only accept 20 new ladies into the program. Play pen at the studio for the bubs.

Run Clinic - Our running program caters for beginner and intermediate level runner wannabes. We train clients up for distance running and to participate in fun runs and our coach is champion runner Clare Geraghty

Teenage Boot Camp – A health and fitness program designed for teenage girls only to assits in building their strength and cardio fitness

Real YOGA - With all the physical training we do at MissFit, it has become very apparent that we need to incorporate more stretching into our health & wellbeing program. So we introduce Yoga to assist in stretching our tight muscles and improve our flexibility and core strength. But we also hope it is a gift for your mind too and that you leave the class cleansed, relaxed and with a positive attitude.

Strictly Weights – If you want to reshape and tone your body then you need to lift weights. You MUST have some prior weights experience before attempting this class as you will be exposed to advanced exercises.

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