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Personal Trainer Brisbane
MISSFIT is busy keeping her clients' bodies moving on a daily,weekly, monthly, yearly basis - SHE NEVER STOPS!

Meet MissFit - Personal Trainer & Training Brisbane

Drawing on her 11 years experience

 as a personal trainer in Brisbane & in the customer service industry and her lifetime commitment to health and fitness, MISSFIT is determined to get the results that her clients want. Missfit is committed to provide the best personal training in Brisbane. That is her promise to YOU!

You will reap the rewards of MISSFIT's endless knowledge

of fitness, personal training techniques and her secrets for weight loss. She makes her clients understand that exercise and healthy eating habits are for the rest of their lives! This does not mean that you can't have a treat every now and again. MISSFIT's personal training approaches are designed to cater for people who lead busy lives and who love their food and enjoy a great night out.

MISSFIT knows that the first step is often the hardest when starting up a new health regime. In order to succeed and achieve your goals you need to be prepared to get into the right mindset, get the support that you need, eat right and exercise!

That's where MISSFIT comes in. She says

 "It's easy once you have made a commitment to yourself."

MISSFIT's boundless energy

 and devotion to helping others is infectious. By imparting her unique and inspiring outlook on life, by continually stressing the importance of fitness and nutrition to her clients, MISSFIT empowers every one to define and reach their personal goals through exercise.

MISSFIT's enthusiastic approach

 emphasizes strength-training modalities that can be transferred from the gym to daily life. MISSFIT's personal training incorporates boxing, running, cycling, powerlifting, plyometrics, and weight training to achieve optimal results.

MISSFIT holds two personal training certificates

from the Australian Institute of Fitness - Certificate III & IV in Fitness.

MISSFIT lives in Brisbane

 with her beloved husband Mark, son Luke, daughter Nikki and two mini poodles Bobby and Maddy. When she's not working out with clients, she enjoys movies with friends, barbeques with the extended family and of course a bit of retail therapy, a good massage and facial at her favourite spa.