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MissFit PT has its own personal training studio at Coorparoo

 and we also offer a mobile personal training service for ladies. Specialising in indoor / outdoor training....MissFit can train you at her PT studio, local park, apartment or home for a Personal Training session throughout Brisbane. MISSFIT brings all the equipment with her, for a fun, friendly and above all professional health and fitness experience.

MISSFIT specifically designs training programs

 to cater to your individual needs, all including Cardiovascular, Resistance and Flexibility training with Nutritional advice included. After all it is your training session and a MISSFIT personal trainers Brisbane are committed to designing programs which suit your goals. Popular goals include regaining strength and fitness, toning problem areas, weight loss, rehabilitation post injury, post pregnancy fitness.

kate aka missfit kickboxing

What are the benefits of training with MISSFIT - Expert Personal Trainer in Brisbane?

  1. You will find out the most effective ways to exercise in order to burn the most calories and experience the best personal training in Brisbane. The golden rule is energy in versus energy out. Exercise is the best way to get those calories out and drop a dress size in the process!
  2. You will learn how to adopt healthy eating habits.
  3. You will learn the proper form and technique for each exercise you perform from a fully qualified female personal trainer.
  4. You will have a trainer who modifies your fitness routine constantly in order to continually shock your body to prevent plateau and you'll improve your overall tone and shape faster.
  5. You will be held accountable for your actions.

There are no membership or joining fees

 if you opt for her mobile PT services (you only pay for your training). Alternatively MISSFIT can meet you at your preferred gym.

The MISSFITTER 12 Week Challenge.

It is a personal health and fitness challenge which consists of 12
PT sessions + 12 group training sessions over a 12 week period. Sticking to the MissFitter Challenge will give you the fast track results you have always wanted.

  1. Before and after photos are taken to show the change.
  2. Performance measurements are conducted in weeks 1,5 and 12. This will involve girth measurements of the body using a tape measure and we will weigh you.
  3. Your diet will be assessed, as you will be required to indicate meals and snacks consumed on a daily basis.
  4. You will be required to indicate individual training sessions which you have completed on a daily basis.
  5. You will be held accountable to your trainer and you will have phone / email support for encouragement.

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MISSFIT hosts the Saturday Stair Sessions at Kangaroo Point Cliffs!

Finally, a group cardio training session like none other of its kind!

Benefits for attending this session?

Killer butt, calves and thighs!

The Saturday Stair Sessions are held EVERY Saturday at 7:30am.

Details are:

Location: Meet Kangaroo Pt cliffs top of the stairs near the caf end
Time: 7:30am (session runs for 1 hour)

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