Body Blitz Boot Camp
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Body Blitz boot camp

Starts 8 FEB, book now

Lock in a 30 day Body Blitz Boot Camp and set a short term fitness goal to see radical changes in your physique.

We welcome 15 ladies only into our course, don’t miss out!

What you get:

  • Unlimited training for 30 days (see timetable)
  • Food program
  • Bootcamp forum access
  • Prize for best achiever in the group

The cost:


Pay up front receive a 5% discount or make weekly instalments at $67.25 each week.

OR Sign up with a girlfriend pay $200 each and save $69 each!


MissFit PT Studio 429 Old Cleveland Rd Coorparoo

The benefits:

  • All females
  • Boutique fitness studio fully equipped
  • Every session will be different, which is unlike a typical gym class where you might do the same routine for 2 months. WE ensure different programming at every session and that’s why we get the results for our ladies.
  • Manageable group sizes!
  • We get to know you, work with you to acheive your goal.
  • Fun sessions and a great training community of awesome women who just want to be fit and healthy and lead a balanced lifestyle.

"Loving the intensity of this monthly challenge and I can already see the results of my body shaping up!" Bec

all classes NOW held at : MissFit PT Studio, 429 Old Cleveland Rd, Coorparoo

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
5.45 am Cardio Box 30/30 HIIT Cardio Box Strictly Weights  
7.30 am           Pump it out
8:30 am           Pump it out
9 am   30/30   HIIT    
9:30 am Baby Boot Camp   Baby Boot Camp   Baby Boot Camp  
10 am   Golden Girls Age
60+ (45min)
  Golden Girls Age
60+ (45min)
6 pm Pump it Out CrossFit WOW Pump it out HIIT    
Effective - January 1 to June 31 2015. All group classes run for 1 hour in duration, except for 'Golden Girls' class w hich is 45mins.

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