MissFit TV – Online group fitness classes for women

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Join our community of committed women all training together through COVID-19 Pandemic.

No gym? No problem!

This group has been created so we all stay together and keep motivated and have some fun.

What you receive:

  • Daily 15 min home workouts uploaded Mon-Fri!
  • Virtual Group Classes with your MissFit trainers WOOHOO
  • Food motivation with Prep Me Please
  • Motivation
  • Support
  • Challenges
  • Prizes
  • + MORE

All for only $25 per week.

You can cancel your subscription anytime!

**Members must have access to Facebook to join this community

Sample Videos

  • 1. Legs


    1. Exercise 1 always stays at 10 reps
    2. Exercise 2 drops reps 10-2
    3. Push pace through your 5 sets to feel the burn!!

    Equipment needed dumbbells, step box and band.
    Kate works with 6kg DB's.

  • 2. Basic Bodyweight

    30 sec intervals of MANY bodyweight exercises.

    All you need is a chair or box step and a great attitude.

  • 3. Strict Tabata

    20/10 Intervals 8 times through then change exercise!

    Dumbbell Push Press Jumping Lunges Renegade Rows Standard Burpees

    Make sure you count your reps every 20 seconds to keep challenging yourself and push pace! Tough set!!