Fitness Training

Fitness Training

4 training sessions each week for 12 weeks

Realistic Meal Plans

Realistic Meal Plans

24 separate 1500 calorie meal plans that include over 40 dinner recipes ...we KNOW what works!



Breakfast Launch, Mid Challenge Check In, Awards Night, Personal Weekly Check Ins, Private MissFit Forum

12 Week Challenge

Our 12 week challenge programs are designed to ensure you see results.  We keep it simple, follow our meal plan and train with us on unlimited group classes per week for 12 Weeks.  Being part of our challenge is a sure way to keep you accountable & motivated. Our next 12 week challenge is:

  1.  Fire Up! Winter Boot Camp 12 Week Challenge

What’s included in the 12 week challenge:

  • Unlimited group training sessions for 12 Weeks.
  • State-of-the-art Body Composition machine to measure your results – body fat %, muscle mass, weight, water, visceral fat+ more
  • Photos before & after to capture your transformation.
  • MissFit Meal Plans- 24 separate 1500 calorie meal plans that include over 40 dinner recipes …we KNOW what works!
  • Weekly ZOOM check ins with your trainer.
  • Special 12WC forum for support with other members
  • Motivational Breakfast Launch with MissFit team
  • Mid challenge check in with team and other participants
  • Welcome Packs & MissFit training singlet.
  • PRIZES to be won – 6 months FREE training, plus other runners up prizes for great achievements!
  • Motivated female trainers who offer support every step of the way.
  • All this for only $89 per week for 12 weeks!

+ Plus all these extras

A basic fitness test is conducted in weeks 1 and 12 of the challenge to note change. We test your strength in basic bodyweight functions and your cardio. Exercise homework tasks are also provided should clients be interested in doing more than their 4 structured classes per week. These include a 30 day Bubble Butt Challenge, Skipping Challenge and Ab Challenge.

Fitness Testing

At the end of every week our admin staff at MissFit check in with each challenger via a personal facebook message to see how they are travelling along with their training, nutrition and mindset. This gives everyone the opportunity for one on one time with the team and a great opportunity to ask personal questions and discuss any roadblocks.

Weekly Check Ins

In weeks 1 and 12 the team from Inbody Australia visit MissFit to conduct the body scanning. Girth measurements and professional photos are taken too. We also offer a 6 week check in where clients come together for a breakfast seminar to revisit their goals and get pumped up for the remaining 6 weeks on the program.

Weigh Ins

All challengers are provided with a 100 page training manual. Within the manual are the 28 MissFit Meal Plans which are based on 1500 calories per day. 40 Dinner Recipes are also provided. Our plans have been carefully crafted in conjunction with our dietician to ensure they are well balanced.

Over 40 Dinner Recipes

At the end of the challenge we hold a break up Celebration event party. Our 12 week challenge major prize includes 6 months Free training and we have 3 runner’s up prizes. It’s a great way to cap off 12 weeks of hard work and see your training buddies frocked up and out of their sweaty sportswear.


When joining our MissFit Community you have access to our Private MissFit forum through Facebook. We encourage people to use this forum as a motivating tool, posting photos, videos, recipes, fitness or nutritional information or anything else that you feel people would like to see and benefit from. It’s a fabulous way for us to all communicate freely within the comforts of a private group.

Secret MissFit Forum