Developed by Dieticians

Our mission is to provide women of all ages with a realistic health and fitness plan that delivers real results.

Our specialised meal plans paired with a weekly exercise regimen build inner strength and keep you feeling confident, healthy and happy.

To be successful you need to balance healthy eating and activity with a positive mindset and support.

We’d love you to reach your goals and we’re certain our MissFit Meal Plans will have you feeling healthier and happier.

About the plans

Our meal plans are 1500 calories. They can be used as a 12 week meal plan, or you can choose your favourites for your own daily plan. We have included 24 separate 1500 calorie meal plans with 40 dinner recipes.

1500 calories

1500 calories a day will ensure weight loss in women, but it’s important not to cut your daily intake too much and slow your metabolic rate.

We want to ensure your weight loss comes from fat tissue, not lean tissue. MissFit meal and exercise plans are carefully balanced and planned for maximum results and will ensure you aren’t left feeling deprived.

Australian Dietary Guidelines

Our meal plans are designed to the Australian Dietary Guidelines. The Guidelines are based on the latest scientific healthy eating research and recommend consuming a variety of foods from these five groups every day:

  • Vegetables; different types and colours, including beans/legumes
  • Fruits; different types and colours
  • Grains; wholegrain and high fibre varieties
  • Lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds
  • Milk, yoghurt, cheese and alternatives from reduced fat sources.

A balanced longterm approach

At MissFit, we believe the key to staying healthy and happy longterm is to have a little balance!

Food is a big part of our social lives and we believe you should be able to enjoy treats and your favourite foods in moderation.

We’ve included a substitutions list in our meal plans. If you’re not fond of the food suggested, you can choose from the substitutions list, which recommends foods or snacks under 100 calories.

Cooking Made Easy

We’ve designed time saver meal plans so you spend less time in the kitchen. Everything is spelt out for you, quantities, brands, serving sizes with tips along the way regarding freezing options. There’s heaps of variety so you won’t get bored. Here’s 1 sample 1500 calorie meal plan along with its accompanying dinner recipe so you can take a sneak peak of what you get.


Nutrition is the cornerstone to your best body yet.

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