Michelle Cunliffe

 - trainer at MISSFIT Personal Training

I did my Cert III in Fitness 12 years ago, while I was studying to be a Physical Education Teacher (Applied Science Human Movements Education Degree).  Now I am lucky enough to do both of my passions, fitness training and teaching high school PE, while also raising a young family.  Throughout my adult life I have always been a regular gym goer and prefer group fitness style training.  I am particularly interested in weight training, and love to deliver sessions using HIIT, tabata and circuits. Fitness boxing is also an integral part of my own training and the classes I take, I love getting in the zone and hitting hard.

I get such satisfaction from seeing the physical and emotional changes the ladies make after joining the MissFit family.  Every class is different and designed to challenge everyone.  My goal as a trainer is to encourage everyone to push their limits and be their best.  I achieve this by giving a gentle push, providing plenty of enthusiasm and always having a friendly smile!

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