12 Week Transformation Inspo😍
It’s been an absolute pleasure watching our anon client progress! You are incredible, and to achieve results like this in your 50’s is absolutely next level especially as a super busy professional with teenagers!!
We love seeing body transformations like this, but equally love seeing the strength and training goals smashed and new training goals being set to next level oneself! The journey is NEVERENDING.
Her results across 12 weeks on paper were:
✅9.9kg lost in weight
✅6.9% drop in BF.
✅8.1kg of fat blasted from her body
✅Visceral fat change from 14 to 8. That’s 6 points down!
✅Girth Measures 67.5 cms shrunk
Our client ALSO GOT STRONG and can now deadlift her own bodyweight for reps. 💪This has become her new passion and she wants to build more lean muscle. GOALS 👏

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