I have been training for competitive rowing at a national level for the past 12 years. During this time, I fell pregnant with my beautiful daughter, and underwent breast cancer treatment at the same time. When my daughter was four months old, I returned to competitive rowing to prove… a point to myself (and cancer) that I was back to my old fit and healthy self again. But there have been a few challenges with my return to training — sleep deprivation, poor diet, and boredom with my off-water rowing program.

I still remember the first night I showed up at MissFit for a Pump it Out session. There were about 20 women of varying age and fitness, and I was a bit apprehensive at first, because I was looking for a program that was high intensity, offered variety, and would allow me to really push myself. And then Kate walked in… In that moment I knew that Kate believes 100% in her philosophy for health and fitness — and she lives it. At the end of my first session, I was so sore and so happy. And I have never looked back!

I have been training at MissFit for seven months now, I have lost nearly five kilos and I feel strong and fit. I still suffer from sleep deprivation, but my diet is under control and I thoroughly enjoy the programs that each of the trainers — Kate, Teesh and Rowie — plan for each session. I also really enjoy training with all the girls who go to MissFit. There is a real comradery between us, we each have our own private goals, and we seem to be able to find a sense of humour when it really hurts. MissFit has become the highlight of my training.

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