I am approaching 60 years of age and have found a wonderfully welcoming home at MissFit.

I’ve always walked a lot, in excess of 60 kms per week, but I needed more. I needed some high energy bursts of activity in my life. On my own, I just couldn’t do it! But after signing up for personal training at MissFit over two years ago, I am so motivated to keep on chipping away at my fitness.

My personal trainer is great as she supports me to ensure there are no injuries, and within that framework, she makes sure I am pushed to my maximum level. If I fail, I don’t care. I’m surrounded by female trainers and other MissFit women who laugh and support in response. What an awesome environment to be training in. How very different to scary and competitive gyms scattered across Brisbane.

The mirrors here aren’t for posing, they are for genuinely measuring your own hard-earned progress. Kate Beeley who founded and runs MissFit is not just a business owner. She lives and breathes this gym. Everyone joining in classes or personal training sessions is in awe of this lady, and feels privileged to know her personally.

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