Beck S

I have just finished MissFit’s latest 12 week challenge and I can I say it’s the best thing I have done! I have always contemplated doing a challenge after seeing the transformations from other ladies that have taken part in Kate’s previous challenges so I signed up.

I set myself a few goals that I really wanted to achieve in that 12 weeks. I was feeling a little nervous as I was going on holidays in the middle of the challenge and did know how it was going to affect my end results.   So I stuck to the meal plans that were provided which I must say were easy to prepare and that whole family could enjoy and I got to my 4 classes a week got out of my comfort zone and trained really hard in the weeks leading up to my holiday.

I was amazed with my end results. I smashed my goal that I had originally set. I could not believe it and after going on a week’s holiday. I would not have been able to achieve what I did without Kate and the MissFit team…thank you for the support that you’ve  given me. I’m a much fitter and happy me!

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Beck S - AFTER