Christina L

My main goals were to be able to be fit enough to play Centre for a whole netball game and to participate in Miss Muddy 2015. I reached both these goals much quicker than I had expected and on top of this I have never felt stronger!! This is due to my new-found love of weight-training which is owed to the MissFit team for constantly surprising us with new ways of working out the same muscles and making the whole ordeal enjoyable.

In saying all this, MissFit is much more than just a way to reach your fitness goals quickly; it’s a community. Whilst on maternity leave with my first child, Jackson, I never really found a way to participate in two things that make me tick – exercising (with bubs) and socialising . MissFit is very welcoming and the atmosphere is fun, friendly and supportive. Kate is always surprising us with coffees, breakfasts, competitions and demos. I’ve made many new friends and am also getting to spend more time with my old friends now that they have joined too.

I highly recommend MissFit for anyone who wants to be fitter/stronger/healthier or even if you just want to be part of a great network of positive, fun, fit and healthy woman.

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Christina L