Today was a very exciting day for me. After an extended break from training due to having my second baby, I finally returned to MissFit. I couldn’t be happier to be drenched in sweat right now!

I first joined MissFit after having my first baby in February 2013. One six-week commitment turned into a full year of back-to-back baby boot camp blocks, before progressing to MissFit’s regular morning and evening sessions. I became fitter than I’d ever been, and even ran my first half marathon in 2014.

Coming back today was like coming home. It felt great to be surrounded by so many amazing women again, who I know will push and inspire me session after session.

After having my baby, I know it will take time to regain the fitness I had before, but I also know I’m at the right place to make that happen. Bring it on!

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Claire - BEFORE


Claire - AFTER