I remember meeting Kate at MissFit a couple of years ago when I made my first enquiry about personal training. When she quoted me I remember saying… “$45 for a 30 minute session! That’s expensive!” But, she won me over, I booked in, and it’s been worth every cent!

Kate worked with me every step of the way, showing me how to do squats, lunges, step ups…we even use the battle ropes and sleds at session. I tell my daughter about this and she can’t believe what I am doing!

I feel fit, vibrant and stronger than I have in years. I now do 1 personal training session per week and 2 classes at their Golden Girls over 60s program. Doing these training sessions has made all of my overseas trips a lot easier to manage. It’s part of my weekly regimen and I am going to keep going for as long as I physically can.

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