Member Jacquie signed up to our 12 WEEK CHALLENGE with some hesitancy. She had done challenges before and it had been an unrealistic “all or nothing” approach to the plan. She had some reservations about signing up, as she didn’t want to pull a result…only to see all her hard work slip away if the plan wasn’t realistic and longterm.
Fast forward 12 weeks and here’s what she has to say:
“When I approached this challenge with a long term focus, away from extrinsic rewards, it revealed something deeper. Patience. I had to look at this as a long term choice, not short term challenge. No quick fixes, no shortcuts. I had to show up and put my shoes on.”-

Jacquie Dunbar

Amen to that!
If you want to make a change then you just have to start changing some basic things in life. It’s not difficult, but we appreciate it’s not always easy either. Rest assured the MissFit team of female trainers are here to coach you through your road blocks along the way so you strive forward to achieve your goals.
Jacquie’s results are incredible. Across 12 weeks she lost 9.9kg in weight and 9.1% body fat. THE PROOF IS IN THE PHOTOS…SO MUCH SMALLER!! Well done Jacquie your training is going awesome too. Intensity is UP!

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Jacquie - BEFORE Jacquie - BEFORE


Jacquie - AFTER Jacquie - AFTER