To be honest, I initially chose MissFit for convenience – it was close to home and I could bring my baby along whilst I exercised – female only fitness classes were really not my thing (boxing being my exercise of choice), so my expectations were not high.

Pretty soon after starting at MissFit any misconceptions I had were completely blown out of the water – these girls cou…ld seriously kick the bums of a lot of men I used to train with!

I participated in a few 6-week Baby Boot Camps before deciding to challenge myself further by undertaking a 12-week challenge, combining 4 classes a week with tailored meal-plans.

Frankly, my willpower isn’t the greatest and my nutritional choices often leave a bit to be desired, so the MissFit meal-plans really are the perfect solution for someone like me. They’re nutritionally balanced, easy to prepare, tasty and varied – so you aren’t bored and hungry and tempted to make bad food choices.
Classes are also really varied to help keep you motivated – I love the mix of weights, boxing, cardio, HIIT, Tabata, CrossFit, etc….You name it, MissFit does it.

The trainers are really friendly and encouraging – they don’t spout the same old clichés other personal trainers often do that only make you feel motivated to punch them in the face.

MissFit classes cater for all levels of fitness – and you set your own pace – there’s no pressure, judgement or competition. The other MissFit-ers will always share a smile or a word of encouragement (breath permitting!), the group dynamic really helps to keep you moving when you think you can’t possibly take another step or do another burpee.

I’d have to say I’m fitter at 40 (something) than I ever have been – all thanks to MissFit

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