12 Week Result – This is what’s possible in 12 weeks on the MissFit challenges. We specialize in FEMALE transformations. Losing weight, dropping body fat, getting toned and building muscle is what we do. Waking up this morning and reading this amazing testimonial from client Natalie speaks volumes of the programs we run and the community we’ve built.
Hear from her:
This past year has knocked me around for many reasons but anyone that really knows me, knows that I get up again and come back stronger💪 I’ve been chipping away and working hard on better and becoming stronger each and every day. MissFit has been there with me every step of the way and the guidance, encouragement and support I receive from Kate, my trainer Jackie, the greater team and the MissFit community is totally amazing!! Actually I don’t have words for the positive impact it has had on my life and my families life. My husband often says um, you need to go to training!! 🤣I am part of a fabulous strong woman led community full of positive energy and the opportunity to turn fitness dreams into reality. I’ve changed – strong fit, confidence, self belief, shifting focus and determination to continue hitting goals. Here’s a goal I recently hit – unassisted pull-ups💪🔥 Next goal 100kg deadlift 🏋️‍♀️here I come!
Natalie’s 12 week stats:
Start Weight 59.5kg End Weight 53kg
BF% Drop by 10.2%
Total CMS shrunk 41.5cms

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Natalie - BEFORE Natalie - BEFORE


Natalie - AFTER Natalie - AFTER