The reason for my post is that it was 12 months ago last week that I became friends with Kate on Facebook! And I must say that I have thought of her every day since! Sometimes it’s a grumble! Like when I wake in the middle of the night because my legs are sore or have to walk up and down those stairs. But mainly it’s because of the positive influence she has had on me. My eating, my fitness and my confidence. I don’t think I have ever felt healthier or fitter. And now I love feeling sore! That’s weird right?

I had previously done some triathlon training as well as a couple of 6 week blocks with a local boot camp. The boot camp thing fell through and I found myself doing absolutely nothing for 12 months. Needless to say I put on some weight because of course you don’t change your eating habits when you stop training? Well I didn’t!

I really like training but I need a reason to turn up. So I decided that I needed to get my rear into gear as they say and find a place where I was comfortable. After a few weeks there was the opportunity to do a 12 week challenge. I achieved great results from this and couldn’t have done it without Kate, the MissFit team and of course my fellow MissFitters! To all of you thank you! -Peta

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