I decided to set myself a goal before my 40th birthday to compete in a natural bodybuilding competition in the Bikini division. I had been training with MissFit previously doing the group classes and I’d done a 12 week challenge.

I was already very happy with my body, but I wanted to step outside my comfort zones, do something different and push myself a little harder. Embarking on a bodybuilding journey did mean switching from group classes to personal training, and so my weight lifting began.

At first I missed the group dynamic but I soon found I was falling in love with the weight training and feeling a lot stronger as a result. My lead up to comp time was roughly 6 months of hard work and dieting. I trained with Kate, Tannis and Fiona 3-4 times per week and it was fantastic. It’s just incredible how much personal training changes your body shape.

It is progressional and therefore you are always improving and setting new personal bests. I have a much leaner, tighter body and I want to keep going. My first competitions were such fun and an awesome experience. I’ve gained more confidence and I plan to keep going as I really want a trophy for my efforts. So onwards and upwards here we go!

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