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Personal Trainers & Training Brisbane - Postnatal Training

25 weeks...still in training
25 weeks...still in training
33 weeks...relaxing
33 weeks...relaxing
Post Baby...Fit Again
Post Baby...Fit Again

Bring Your Baby With You & Get Fit, at MissFit PT's Postnatal Fitness Classes...Baby Boot Camp.

If you want to get fit with your baby and regain your pre-pregnancy body back within 6 easy weeks then you're going to be excited about Baby Boot Camp - MissFit's postnatal personal training program in Brisbane.

Baby Boot Camp pram based postnatal fitness classes are designed specifically to help mums get fit at a time in their life when they need it the most; under careful supervision by MissFit's personal trainers.

Within 8 weeks of having your baby you can sign up to Baby Boot Camp, and we guarantee that if you stick to our program you will drop 6 kgs in 6 weeks, or we'll continue to train YOU for FREE until YOU do!*

You'll be trained by female personal trainers in Brisbane who have done it before and who are successfully teaching others how to do it..

Here are our 10 Top Benefits for joining Baby Boot Camp:

  1. You'll Regain Old Body Back Within 6 Easy Weeks
  2. No gym membership required
  3. 60 minute classes set at realistic times for busy mums
  4. Affordable group personal training Brisbane costs with 3 packages available
  5. You'll Combat the dreaded Baby Blues
  6. There's no babysitter or daycare costs
  7. Central training locations with easy parking
  8. It's Fun and Social
  9. You'll be a role model for your Bub!
  10. You'll Melt Fat Off Your Body

Timetable for Group Classes


Monday 9:30am Wednesday 9:30am Friday 9:30am
New Farm Park New Farm Park
PT Studio Coorparoo PT Studio Coorparoo PT Studio Coorparoo

What exercises will we be doing?

Every personal training Brisbane session will be different with an emphasis on the following activities: fast paced walking or jogging with the prams, abdominal re-strengthening to improve your core, body weight training and resistance training to regain strength and improve posture, circuits and boxing to increase cardiovascular endurance and flexibility training. At times we also incorporate the babies into our exercise drills too which is loads of fun.

Gold, silver and bronze training packages available depending on what level of commitment you can make to your training.

Baby Boot Camp courses run for 6 weeks. Course dates are as follows:

  • Brisbane Feb 1, 2016

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Miss Baby Boot Camp

Take control of your postnatal fitness today and join Baby Boot Camp! Email to confirm your spot and indicate which postnatal exercise package you'd like to take advantage of.