Squat for a Sexier Butt!

How many times do you do a squat in a MISSFIT PT session?

Maybe 80-100 times plus?

Our clients would tell you…YES that’s correct.

As females we ALL desire to have a sexier, firmer rear end, and at MISSFIT we acknowledge this and that’s why we request you do so many of them.

In your daily life you perform squats & lunges on countless occasions perhaps without realising. Through bending down to pick up your kids, getting something out of the fridge, hanging the washing up, going to the loo…the list goes on. Be sure you maximise these FREE exercise opportunities and squat correctly to get the most out of your daily chores.

The squat is a full body exercise as you practically use every muscle – glutes, legs, abs, back and even your arms have to lock on to the barbell or dumbbells if you are lifting a load in a workout.

If you are trying to “tone up” your butt here are some ripper exercises which are sure to work a treat: sumo squat (wide stance with feet pointed outwards, great for targetting inner thighs aswell) one-legged squat, step ups (awesome for hamstrings too), leg lifts and butt squeezes (squeeze and hold your butt as tight as possible. Aim for 30 secs or more & do this for 5 mins per day).

The stronger your butt (glutes) the easier you will find it to walk, run, jump, climb and SQUAT. So make sure they get their full workout!