Fat Loss Interval Training

As you may already know, fat loss can be quite a tricky subject. Along with a solid diet and plenty of rest, a cardio routine is necessary in order to achieve your goals. However, many cardio routines simply do not work. Each individual is different, so a fat loss program that will work for one may not work for another. This being said, there happens to be an exercise strategy that seems to be the most effective way for any individual to lose weight.

Fat loss interval training, or most commonly known as high intensity interval training, is a unique technique that is proven to be more effective at burning fat than the lower intensity type work outs. This method entails several periods of intense exercise with a lower intensity “recovery” phase in between each of these periods. For instance, a runner would begin with a jog for about 60 seconds, then the jog would turn into a 30 second maximum-intensity sprint. From here, the runner returns to a jog and repeats the cycle. Naturally, the maximum-intensity phase will become increasingly difficult and it is acceptable to decrease the interval time in compliance with fatigue. Ideally, this workout should last anywhere form 20-30 minutes. Though interval training is most efficient while preformed on a track, it is possible to do this type of training on any cardio-type exercise machine.

Though high intensity interval training is a powerful way to lose weight, beginners must be cautious while performing the method. It is important to start at a lower intensity, and gradually work into your body’s maximum-intensity ability. A warm up phase, consisting of stretches and a light jog, along with a cool down run, are imperative in order to prevent injury.

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