Anti Aging Exercise

There isn’t any single anti aging exercise or workout schedule that will keep you looking and feeling younger for longer. Rather, the message that most health professionals are trying to tell us all is that regular exercise of any kind is the key to feeling young, lowering the risk of many diseases, avoiding weight gain, and maintaining physical ability into the senior years. When designing an anti aging strategy at any stage of life, exercise is one of two vital components. The other is a healthy diet.

Lack of exercise and aging go hand in hand. If you are inactive, you will lose muscle tone and strength, your cardiovascular fitness will suffer, and you will find yourself less able to participate in sports or do other things you used to enjoy. Your posture will likely suffer as muscles deteriorate, and you will begin to suffer from back pain. Your blood pressure may start to rise. A sedentary lifestyle can result in myriad different physical problems. Even people who are quite young can seem prematurely old if they suffer from these effects of inactivity – from this perspective, any activity is anti aging exercise.

As well, you can exercise slow aging and lower your risk of disease at the same time. Medical research tells us that regular physical activity lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and some cancers. Many diseases associated with growing older can be avoided, controlled or even eliminated with regular exercise and aging apparently reversed – blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol can all come down to healthy levels. Anti aging exercise for these medical problems can be as simple as a brisk twenty minute walk every day. Strength training is also often recommended for arthritis, bone density, and circulation problems.

While you are concentrating on anti aging exercise, you’ll be dealing with another potential problem: the tendency to gain weight as you grow older. It’s a fact that people tend to gain weight once they reach middle age. It’s a slow conversion of muscle mass to fat storage due to lower activity levels, a slowing of the metabolism, and hormonal changes. Decreased exercise and aging seem to irrevocably result in fat storage. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Keep up your activity levels by engaging in sport, walking, biking, swimming or some other regular exercise. Even gardening, house cleaning, and trips to the store can be opportunities to get exercise. You’ll stay trim and avoid health problems at the same time.

Can exercise slow aging? Clearly it can, and it’s a long lasting benefit. Engage in sports, active leisure time activities, regular work outs or whatever interests you – it’s all anti aging exercise. And not only will you fell better now but you will be investing in a healthy and physically able old age. Your bones will remain strong, your strength levels will stay up, your joints will stay flexible, and you outlook will be positive. Get regular exercise and aging will seem like a normal comfortable process. Not only can exercise slow aging – it can improve your health and emotional well being in so many ways.

R. Drysdale is a freelance writer with more than 25 years experience as a health care professional. You can learn more about anti aging exercise on the AntiAging Information site.

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