Alcohol is NOT your weight loss friend!

With the festive season upon us, I bet most of you out there have a few Christmas parties booked in and are looking forward to unwinding over a glass of bubbles or 3!

But just be mindful, if you have been kicking it with your fitness plan for the last few months now is NOT the time to throw all your hard work out the window. Alcohol CAN destroy your weight loss efforts and sabotage your fitness levels.

But let’s face it, tis the season to be jolly, so if I can encourage you to make some better choices with your alcohol, then mission accomplished! If you choose to drink, try to keep these tips in mind:

1. Avoid sugary cocktails, beer and wine. Try and stick with clear spirits like gin / vodka and try mixers like soda, diet coke.

2. Try not to eat too much when you drink. Alcohol is a simple carbohydrate and your body treats it like sugar when breaking it down. The body breaks down the alcohol first and then if you’ve been snacking on chips, nuts, cheese etc it will most likely store these calories that you have consumed.

3. Before you start drinking, have a meal and try and choose something high in protein. You’ll be more full and less likely choose unhealthy food options or succumb to cravings when you’re tipsy.

4. If you’ve had  a big one – COMPENSATE. The following day get out there and hit the pavement.

5. Flood your system with water. The body needs a lot of water each day to maintain good health. Alcohol is a diuretic. That’s why you find yourself heading off for numerous bathroom breaks when you’re out drinking. If you don’t replenish yourself with water you will become dehydrated, which will leave your body fatigued. So drink water while you drink alcohol.

Last but not least, play it safe over the Christmas break and enjoy the time with your families.