12 Tips for Managing Your Weight Over the Christmas Party Season

1. Don’t try to lose weight during Christmas.

Instead set a goal of trying to maintain your present weight. This way, you have a realistic goal and any weight loss you may have will be a bonus. A study once showed that the average Australian gains between 1-3 kgs over the Christmas break, so by just maintaining your weight you will still be ahead of the game. You can allow yourself to occasionally indulge, but just don’t over the top. In fact, treat yourself if you DO meet your goal successfully – of course, this is not to be your favourite food but a massage/facial or new outfit from the traditional post Christmas sales. Go for it – you deserve it.

2. Pay attention to how quickly you eat and exactly what you eat and drink at parties.

Chew your food slowly and focus on your companions and the social aspect of each event. Be sure to drink a tall of glass of water after your meal to aid with the digestion.

3. Remember that alcohol is packed with calories.

A cocktail can contain as many as 300 – 500 calories or more. If you are going to drink, make sure you do in moderation and select only those drinks that are lower in calories. Wine spritzers (half dry white wine, half soda water), or half nip of spirits with diet softdrink/soda water will probably cause the least amount of damage to your daily calorie count. Make sure you drink plenty of water too – this will slow your rate of drinking and decrease your appetite and hangover too! If you do drink more alcohol than you intended and should you be on any of the formulations with me from the Natural Way, take extra drops of De-Extra the next day to help your liver recover from the beating it received the night before.

4. Offer to bring a dish to Christmas parties that you know is healthy.

This way you will know there will be at least one safe item.

5. Make the effort to continue a regular exercise programme.

Find a family member or a friend to help you keep yourself on track. If you have one, strap a Pedometer to your waist and get our and walk! Aim for at least 2 -3 thirty minute sessions per week, more if you can manage it (remember a little bit is better than none). Every calorie you burn off is one less stored in your fat cells.

6. Never go to a party or event on any empty stomach.

Before going out, snack on protein, like chicken as protein satisfies and keeps you feeling fuller for longer and will help you eat less. Or eat a piece of fruit before the party.

7. Keep an eye on your portion sizes.

In the heat of Christmas celebrations, portion sizes can be quite excessive (especially if judging under

influence of alcohol). Try to keep some perspective as to what a regular serve of food is – think about the

way your dinner plate looks when you are at home.

8. Don’t let a hectic Christmas schedule force you to eat fast food.

Prepare and freeze several quick, healthy meals. That way, you have an option other than high fat, fast-food meals.

9. Avoid tasting while cooking.

You will be appalled at how quickly the calories add up. Get a family member to taste the food for you.

10. Have the right attitude.

If you go into Christmas with the idea that you will just eat everything you possibly can and worry about it in January then you will bitterly regret it when Christmas is over. Decide to enjoy the festive season without going overboard with all the goodies on offer. Choose the things you particularly like and say no to anything which you are really not bothered about.

11. Put it away.

If you have lots of extra treats at home for guests, get them out when people come and put them away when they go home. Out of sight, out of mind will help a little but if those treats do start calling your name from the cupboard, distract yourself by getting on the phone or go for a walk or something else to distract your attention away from temptation.

12. Don’t Stress.

If you feel overwhelmed about your busy social calendar and Christmas shopping, don’t let your excessive stress be the cause of your comfort eating. Drink a glass of water instead of going for the food, wait a few minutes and you will probably find you weren’t hungry anyway, just emotionally eating.

Good luck and I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas!

This article has been contributed by our friends at WhollyFit and The Natural Way

There are other informative bits on their website at www.whollyfit.com.au