Tuckshop Arms, Bat Wings…Wave Goodbye for Good!

My two children are now 4 years old and 18 months and I can tell you that when I turn up for tuckshop duty next year at Luke’s school I want to do it without the stereotypical tuckshop arms.

An area on the female body that is quite often forgotten about, (when it comes to fitness training) but certainly an area where flab tends to gravitate to is the back of the arms. Even skinny people can have wobbly back of arms, that’s why it’s important you target this area (triceps) with some specific strength training exercises.

My personal favourite tricep exercises are:

  1. Tricep Dips
  2. Close grip tricep pushups
  3. Tricep overhead extensions
  4. Skullcrushers
  5. Tricep Kickbacks
  6. And boxing is great for your complete arm area. Plus the cardio aspect is a bonus!

At MissFit’s training sessions tricep work is done at every session. We understand that women want to feel confident with their arms and be able to wear strapless dresses, tanks and singlets in this hot climate.

Variety with your training is key. You need to be mixing up the exercises and challenging those muscles in a different fashion in order to get great overall shapre and definition.

Much of the lifting we do in daily life uses the front of the arms (biceps) so to really get into the back of arms and tone those triceps up you need to start dipping it out at every available opportunity. All you need is a park bench to get started and the will and desire to just do it.

‘Til Next Time.