NO Negotiation when it comes to exercise & food!

A client at Monday’s group training session sparked this topic. When it comes to exercise and food you can not negotiate.

This particular client made the right decision. Her alarm went off, it was time to get up and get moving and come to training. She contemplated how easy it would be to just lie in bed and sleep in, but then she reminded herself how great she felt after last week’s session. Her decision had to be made then and there, to sleep or to train. Fortunately she chose the latter, and hauled herself up for training. At the end of the session when she gave me a high 5, she was pleased that she made the decision to come and get the work done.

When I talk about “no negotiation with exercise and food” this is what I mean.

1. Do you ever find yourself hitting the snooze button and saying to yourself I won’t go to training this morning, I’ll go after work. 5pm rolls around, you’re stuck at work and have to stay back & therefore it just gets too late to go to training. You decide not to go and therefore you don’t complete your planned workout. My suggestion, don’t snooze! Turn the lights on!  You won’t go back to sleep if the lights are on. Don’t allow yourself a split second to negotiate whether you will go or not. Instead start bouncing out of bed immediately and go and get the work done.

2. Do you ever find yourself saying, I’ll have this extra slice of pizza now, and what I’ll do is skip dinner tonight to make up for the fact that I’m eating more now. 8pm rolls around, you’re starting to get hungry, but it’s too late to cook a proper meal and you’re tired.  You re-neg on this, and decide to make something quick and have a piece of toast and eggs which doesn’t really fill you up so you have a cadbury chocolate too. My suggestion, if you choose to consume extra calories don’t negotiate with or sacrifice your normal meals. Chances are you will still eat, and potentially make a poor decision. If you consume extra food, don’t beat yourself up about it, acknowledge it and get back on track tomorrow.