Boredom Eating

Boredom eating is a major contributor to weight gain in our society.  Boredom occurs when we are lacking stimulation, pleasure and/or enjoyment. 

On average, after 15 minutes of being bored we will go in search of food – but it is a quick fix so what do you do next time?  Imagine you are sitting on the couch and starting to get bored and thinking of food – then a friend calls you to meet up.  Boom!  Boredom redirected to having something pleasurable ahead.

We are also guilty of not remembering what we have eaten when snacking and therefore will consume more calories in the day than actually needed.  This is not so bad if it is not a regular behavior, however if this is a daily occurrence it will definitely contribute to weight gain and other health issues.
As with most habits we first have to admit we do it and then identify when we are doing it.  Everyone has eaten when not actually hungry and mostly we choose foods high in sugar.  We justify these as ‘treats’.

When you find yourself bored and wanting to eat consider the following solutions:

  • Drink a large glass of water
  • Go for a run/walk – get outside
  • Have 100 calorie snacks prepared and in your daily food plan (carrot sticks & hommus)
  • Note down when the boredom hits you and plan to be active
  • Do something mentally stimulating – crossword, jigsaw puzzle, read a book etc
  • Call a friend – get distracted!
  • Avoid having sugary foods in the pantry
  • Limit the cash you have on you to stop purchasing from the office vending machine
  • Review your main meal choices – are they filling you up?
  • Make a cup of green tea
  • Never skip a meal

At MissFit we recommend being prepared for boredom eating and offer a great Meal Plan to aid you in eating healthy and making good choices every day. Join our group classes to help keep you motivated!  Do it, Do it for You.