Good Bra…Good Breasts


We have done a few previous posts about the importance of a good sports bra, but as our wonderful MissFit community is always growing with new mothers, we thought it might be time for a quick reminder.

So, it doesn’t matter what your cup size is or whether you have just started training or you’re a seasoned athlete, the fact is: all breasts bounce.

All breasts are made up of fatty tissue and fragile ligaments, called ‘Cooper’s Ligaments,’ which can be stretched and damaged. Excessive strain on the breast tissue and ligaments can lead to the Cooper’s Ligaments becoming more lax, which contributes to the breasts sagging. Unfortunately, this does occur naturally as we age, but we definitely do not need to speed up the process by doing high impact (and awesome) MissFit sessions without wearing a properly fitted, supportive sports bra. This is especially true for new mums and breastfeeding mums, who often have increased breast size and sensitivity.

So, how to choose the right bra? There are plenty of studies that have found that encapsulating sports bras (as opposing to compression-style) effectively decrease breast motion during exercise and the associated discomfort; this is particularly true for larger-breasted women and anyone doing high impact exercise. There are also tons of websites and articles devoted to finding the right sports bra for you, for example: