For the Love of Exercise First

It always excites me when clients say they had fun at training. To know that the group of ladies who come to session enjoy the workouts and feel the benefits from the workout both in a physical and mental state means a lot.

I have a psychologist friend who said to me recently that the single biggest reason why people drop out of doing regular exercise is that they don’t enjoy it.

I have thought heaps about this over the last few weeks & looking back on past clients, the ones who have said their goal was purely weight loss have been the ones who have stopped exercising completely . Having weight loss as their only goal for doing exercise wasn’t a big enough reason to see them stay on long term. I am not belittling the desire to want to lose weight at all, but I am suggesting that if you aren’t equally as impressed with the mood boost, sense of strength and self confidence that exercise brings then you might be missing out.

Think about how exercise makes you feel after. Do you have clarity of thought at work? Do you feel more equipped to handle life’s challenges? Do you have more creative thoughts to offer? Do you have the energy to execute them better? Have you answered YES to all of these questions? If so then you are exercising for some really good reasons. I am a strong believer in getting tough upstairs first and then the body will follow.

So go out today and in the New Year and find an exercise you really love. Whether that be my MissFit PT sessions, gym, tennis, a team sport and do more of it. Make it a consistent part of your life, not because it is a chore and you’ve been told to do it, but because you enjoy it.