Visualizing Your Goals

We Know it’s important to VISUALIZE our goals…don’t take your eye off the prize.

What’s your goal?  What are you visualizing?  Is it realistic or are you setting yourself up to be disappointed?  Kate @ MissFit keeps it real, she knows she will never have a body like Miranda Kerr! Kate at 158cm, Miranda at 175cm…it’s never gonna happen. Keep things realistic & Identify your body type and what is possible to achieve for you.

We believe your fitness journey must have goals not JUST of body image.  The danger of your goal just being of a certain “look” is that you will get disappointed if you feel you are not getting there quick enough.  The chances of giving up then are far greater. Maybe this sounds familiar?

If you are having a moment of doubt in your fitness journey you need to STOP and gain some CLARITY.  Start to notice the small changes that are happening to you. Notice what is happening to your mind through and after exercise.  Do you feel set up for your day? More motivated? More energized? More on top of your life? You will find yourself powering through things you have been putting off while your body is filled with endorphins – that feel good chemical release.  Know that this is PROGRESS and is another great step in achieving your goals.

If you notice the small changes you will stay motivated in achieving what you visualized at the start.  Fall in love with the feeling of being fit, healthy and strong and the body image goals will eventually fall into place.  Start noticing things you might take for granted like…you can get up off the couch with ease? Run up the steps without being out of breath? Keeping up with your kids when playing in the park?  These are ALL milestones and need to be acknowledged.