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Hi, my name is Kate Beeley and I own MissFit Personal Training Brisbane. Brisbane’s most in demand mobile personal training service for women. For years we’ve helped literally hundreds of women just like you get into the best shape of their lives, both physically and mentally.

At MissFit Personal Training Brisbane we understand how challenging it can be to change old habits and keep motivation high when starting a new fitness regime. The workouts we offer are fun, varied and extremely effective. We strive to keep you interested in exercise.

At MissFit Personal Training Brisbane you will find our approach to health and fitness to be different to our competitors. We have never been of the opinion that you should have to give up all your favourite foods or treats in order to achieve results. Depriving yourself leads to blow outs and it’s just not realistic. Instead we encourage our clients to think in terms of moderation when it comes to exercise and nutrition.

At MissFit Personal Training Brisbane we encourage our clients to get patterns happening with their exercise (locked in days and times) and with their food (prepare menus for the week so they aren’t left stranded to make bad food choices). Preparation is key and the people who are most organized with their training, food, work and home life will find it easier to maintain a health and fitness plan that lasts forever. That’s what we foster at MissFit Personal Training Brisbane.